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Mission, Vision, Core Values


  • We will provide a rigorous and appropriate education that results in success for all students.


  • We are committed to success for all students, teachers, staff, and our community.

Core Values (governing our Way of Work)

We will always:

  • Make decisions based on the best interest of the students;
  • Behave in an ethical manner;
  • Prepare students for productive citizenship;
  • Be willing to try innovative research-based programs;
  • Employ highly trained and dedicated individuals who can work effectively in their assigned positions;
  • Treat each person with dignity, and honor their right to be safe;
  • Recognize the uniqueness and capability of each student;
  • Set high expectation, and embrace a challenging curriculum;
  • Celebrate our cultural heritage and the diversity that enriches our lives;
  • Embrace (implement as an expected standard) technology to engage students and enhance education;
  • Work to involve our community and all stakeholders in the educational process;
  • Teach and practice responsibility and service to others;
  • Teach students to be accountable for their own actions;
  • Focus on continuous improvement for student achievement and professional growth;

We will never:

  • Compromise or stop striving for excellence;
  • Give up on a student.