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Virtual Parent Night

Welcome to our Virtual Parent Night!

In place of our traditional, in person Parent Night, we would like to offer this virtual education site, which you can view at your convenience from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Parent Night is our opportunity to showcase and explain the programs and resources our school offers.  These include:

FOCUS parent portal
Classlink and online textbooks
Sources of Information
Accelerated Reader (AR)

(click on the name to go directly to that section, or scroll through all the information on this page)

If you have any questions that are class-specific, please contact your student's teacher.  For general school-related questions, contact your student's TAP teacher.  Email addresses for school employees can be found on our Directory page,  or you can call the school during school hours at (850) 926-2300.  For technical support please contact the WCSD IT department at (850) 926-0065.

We would appreciate your feedback.  Please take the survey located at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  The AVID program is not only an elective class offered to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, but also a set of proven strategies used school-wide.  Our school is currently one of less than 200 AVID National Demonstration Schools nationwide.  You can read more detailed information about the AVID program on the AVID page of our website.

In the AVID elective class, students learn study and organization skills, and participate in Tutorials twice a week.  For a brief look at the Tutorial process, view  an AVID Tutorial video (produced by HB Lee Middle School.)

Focus Parent Portal

The FOCUS Parent Portal is our school's tool to communicate current and prior years' grades, class assignments, attendance, and test scores with students and families.  To access your student's information, you will need to first create a parent account.


To create an account, navigate to and select the appropriate button.


This video, developed by Escambia County Schools, briefly introduces several great features of the FOCUS Parent Portal.  To access the Wakulla County Schools FOCUS Parent Portal, you can navigate to:

or click the link on the district website or any school website.



Classlink is a single-sign-on app that securely stores students' user names and passwords to common apps used at school.  Students can access their online textbooks and CANVAS through this site, as well as the library circulation software, Destiny.  Students can use Classlink to access Accelerated Reader while at school to take tests and check their word count. 

Classlink also allows students to save their documents through OneDrive or Google Docs so that they can work on them on any device. 
A brief overview of Classlink is available in this video produced by the Classlink company.

To access the online textbooks students need to click on one of three publisher apps in Classlink:

McGraw allows Algebra and Geometry students to access their books and any material their teacher has assigned.

SAVAAS allows students to access their ELA books and any material their teacher has assigned.

ED allows students to access their Science textbooks and Civics textbooks, and ant material their teacher has assigned.

Students who cannot access these textbooks should let the teacher know so that a technology work ticket can be put in with the district office.


Canvas is being utilized by all teachers in all classes at RMS to list weekly assignments.  Students who are absent from school are expected to log in to Canvas through Classlink and keep up with their assignments while they are out.

The video below describes how to set up a Parent Observer account for your child's Canvas.  Note: When setting up the app and searching for the school/district, type in and search for Wakulla. 


Information Sources

Riversprings Middle School uses multiple methods to pass along information during the school year. Along with parent and student email, we publish information pertaining to student life, academics, and athletics on our Facebook page. Additionally, our website has information for both parents and students. The links and handles for these websites are:

Facebook: @RMSBears

You can find a calendar on your student’s Focus account with all dates and times for school-related activities and events. 

You can also find general and important district-wide announcements for students and parents through the WCSB Student Safety Information Page on Facebook, and the WCSB district website.  The links and handles for these websites are:

Facebook: @WakullaStudentSafety

Accelerated Reader (AR)

How to access AR Home Connect to view word count at home:
Ar book finder